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Bosc del Meneghì

Relax on the beach

A few steps from our hotel you can reach the beach of Pur, one of the most beautiful and cleanest in Trentino.

Clear waters, with an iridescent turquoise color, in which to dive on hot summer days or where to practice fishing, sailing and other water sports. Thanks to its bathing waters that reach 24 ° in summer, the lake is ideal for practicing different sports including canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming and fishing.

An area of ​​Pur beach is animal friendly for taking your dog to the beach.

The perimeter of Lake Ledro is about 10 km and the walk around Lake Ledro is one of the most popular for its beauty, distance and height difference (10 km to be covered in about a couple of hours with a minimum difference in height).