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Dinner The Forest in the Dish

Healthy and Organic in Valle di Ledro

"A menu that changes every day"

Every day, with creativity and passion, we transform and serve the fresh ingredients that come from our organic farm.
From Thursday to Sunday we offer a fixed menu consisting of a first course, a second course and a dessert that varies every day
Our dishes are vegetarian and include wild herbs and flowers, to discover unique flavors in the Bosc del Meneghì style
Food intolerances and allergies must be reported before booking. Pets are not allowed.

Bosc del Meneghì - Organic Restaurant

Enjoy nature

Simple and natural ingredients, made with our hands.

After having enjoyed them at dinner, it is possible to purchase wine and other farm products.

  • “Puro” the still wine and the “Casarino” sparkling wine, the first bubbles of Valle di Ledro.
  • Pure herbal infusions from the medicinal herb garden
  • Cosmetics e natural soaps
Bosc del Meneghì - Organic restaurant